This Video Of An Extremely Buff Cat Is Making The Internet Go Wild

This is a short video of a massive cat on the prowl for some love. It finds it too, in the hands of the person filming. So like, has this cat been juicing and hitting the gym, or is it just big boned?

“It’s fat.” That’s pretty meaty for an outdoor cat. Somebody needs to get this guy on an underwater treadmill. I need to get a hold of this cat’s personal trainer, because frankly, this cat is in better shape the vast majority of us.

Incredbily Buff Cat

The viral video shows the cat emerging from the back of a car as it large build walks up to its owner. The cat is so large it appears to be bigger than a car wheel.

Muscle Cat

Thanks to the owner from bringing us this amazing video, who agrees that cat must cost its owner a small fortune in weightlifting supplements alone.

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