The Worst Falls From The 2018 Gloucestershire Cheese Roll Look Incredibly Painful

The English county of Gloucestershire held its annual cheese rolling race Monday, and a bunch of people, whose bones were hopefully fortified by consuming the daily recommended amount of calcium, tumbled down a steep hill as they tried to chase that Gloucester cheese wheel we all know and love.

Dramatic footage of people throwing themselves down Cooper’s Hill at the annual cheese rolling contest in the UK. Injuries included a dislocated shoulder as well as numerous grazes and bruises.

The video above captured some stunning, high-quality footage of the tumbles and spills. Some of these foolhardy saps bounce higher than the cheese.

Incredible Cheese Roll Footage

As it turns out, there are actually winners in this event. The Guardian reports that 30-year-old Chris Anderson broke the all-time record yesterday when he came in first in one of the men’s downhill races and earned his 22nd victory in 14 years.

Bodies Tumble Down In Cheese Roll Festival

That looked really painful for little reward.

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