Footage Of Deadpool Fighting A Drunk, Shirt-Less Australian Is All Sorts Of Bizarre

Jake Bingham, who has gained minor celebrity status by dressing up as movie antihero Deadpool and roaming the streets of Cairns. But it appears the masked vigilante has met his match

The incredibly random viral video shows the shirt less man arguing with ‘Deadpool’ by a bus stop. Within seconds, Deadpool makes the first move and attempts to headlock the man to the ground. This incites and all out, yet not so amazing, brawl between the two.

In the video the two men can be seen exchanging blows with a shirtless older man while the cameraman laughs and comments: “I think the Power Ranger’s winning”.

Deadpool Fights Australian Man

The fight eventually ends with the two blocks talking it out, Deadpool picks up the man’s flip-flop and walks away wearing his Dora the explorer backpack and a totally not suspicious katana sword on his back.

Deadpool Walks Away

This is better than the “Batman vs Superman” movie.

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