Heroic Georgia Police Officer Uses CPR To Save Choking Baby’s Life

A Georgia police officer is being hailed a hero after a dramatic dashcam video shows him performing CPR to help a choking infant breathe again.

Dash camera video of the May 15 rescue in Marietta was released late last week. The baby’s grandmother called 911 after the infant started choking and turning blue while feeding on a bottle.

Marietta Police Officer Nick St. Onge arrived before paramedics and began rendering aid to the little girl.

Cop Performs CPR On Baby

Officer St. Onge worked on the child for more than two minutes before the little girl started to breathe.

Officer St. Onge said he credits his years of military training and training with Marietta Police to know exactly what to do in this crisis to revive a baby.

Cop Rushes To Save Choking Baby

The infant, who was taken to a local hospital to be checked out, is doing fine.

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