A Flash Flood In A Desert Looks Absolutely Insane

Deserts are hot and dry. Right? Right? Look at this scene from Oman, where a cyclone brought three years’ worth of rain in a single day.



These are the shocking results of the massive cyclone which hit the Arabian Peninsula this week, dumping three years’ worth of rainfall in a city in Oman and flooding the desert.




Video footage shows cars driving on flooded highways through Oman, and there have been reports of buildings being ripped apart by the strong winds.

The footage, filmed using a drone, shows how the desert has been turned into a murky beige sea in the wake of the severe weather.




Six Omanis have died in the storms, including a 12-year-old girl, with at least 30 reported missing over the weekend. Flooding and damage remains considerable after the cyclone, the strongest-ever recorded to hit southern Oman.

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