May Flies Completely Engulf Gas Station In Cringe-Worthy Viral Video

A skin-crawling video of a mayfly swarm at a Louisiana gas station is making the rounds on social media and looks like something out of a nightmare.

The video, posted Monday by Lauren Ogles Lairsey, was viewed almost a million times on Facebook with most users saying something along the lines of “heck no.”

Mayflies Infest Gas Station

In the video, which is like something out of a horror movie, a small child can be heard shrieking. Luckily the family kept the windows rolled all the way up while rolling into the gas station. In a state of complete shock, the couple is left and gasps and disbelief on what they are witnessing.

If it’s any comfort, the swarm probably didn’t last longer than a day as mayflies don’t live much longer than that. They can live anywhere from two minutes to two days.

May Fly Gas Station

Someone should just set the gas station on fire.

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