When Cops Try To Arrest An Acrobat

Ain’t no way D.C Police was gon’ catch this acrobat!



Video shows three cops trying to question a young man. Young man was cornered into a steel fence. A cop can be seen slightly holding him because it does seem like he’s going to run away any second. He doesn’t want to stay cornered, and seems to not want to cooperate with the cops too.


Ain't no way D.C Police was gon' catch this acrobat


Since there are three of them, cops underestimated the man’s ability to escape. They let him walk some distance away from them, and that’s when he got his chance.

He jumped two fences effortlessly and even somersaulted. Cops can be seen trying to catch up with him, but after few seconds of running, they just gave up and let him go.


When Cops Try To Arrest An Acrobat


I don’t think running away from cops should be celebrated, but someone in the background thinks so as he can be heard cheering for the man.

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