Tourist Is Sent Flying Through The Air After Trying To Wash Annoyed Elephant’s Trunk

Elephants are generally considered to be gentle creatures. But one woman found out what can happen if you anger them – after being sent flying several feet into the air.

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Footage shows the woman washing the elephant with a sponge while in a river in Thailand. She is seen splashing water at his trunk before continuing to sponge him down.

Woman Tries To Clean Elehpant

But clearly unhappy at being touched, he reacts by throwing her into the air with his trunk. The woman is sent flying several feet, before landing heavily on the ground.

She is seen getting back on her feet at the end of the clip, seemingly unhurt. But we’re pretty sure the rest of the Elephant visit was full of trauma and pain.

Tourist Thrown Into The AIr

White people and wild animals do not mix well.

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