World’s Chillest Bear Catches A Slice Of Bread Tossed His Way, Gets Right To Eating It

We don’t have many bear videos featured on this site, but when we do, expect it to be more than amazing. Just as this viral video of a bear proves…

Bears are great. Adorable, yet deadly, like Uma Thurman in that scene in Kill Bill where David Carradine tells her the legend of Pai Mei. Look how adorable and deadly she is here, just like a bear.

While I’d be loathed to declare one bear better than the rest, I might, with this bear. Because he is the most adorable.

Lady Throws Slice Of Bread

At the Olympic Game Farm in Washington reside the Waving Kodiak Bears. Their name is pretty self-explanatory. They are bears who wave at people. ND, on the occasion some bread is tossed their way, they snag it out of mid-air and get to munching.

Bear Catches It Like A Pro

Go bear. That’s a good bear.

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