Dude Shamed By Girl During Beer-Drinking Contest — Then It Gets Even Worse

This man challenged the wrong one to a beer chug battle!


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During the clip, the woman quite comfortably downs her pint while her soon-to-be K.O’d counterpart lags behind.

After emptying the glass she wipes her mouth, before turning triumphantly to the camera and performing a jig to the MJ hit. But it all starts to go very wrong for her fellow guzzler.


The two drinkers clink glasses as they prepare to do battle in the downing competition


Suddenly he starts swaying and begins to stumble as his legs give way. The camera then conveniently pans away, before bearing down to show the man passed out on the floor of the bar.

Despite the drinker’s dramatic fall, it is not clear if his tumble was part of an act.


Things start to go wrong for the drinker after downing his pint


The video was shared on YouTube with only the tag: “Instant regret for this guy when his drink goes straight to his head.”

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