Thug Waving A Machete Chases A Man Down A Street In Broad Daylight

This is the shocking moment a machete-wielding thug chases a man down in a street in broad daylight. The incident took place in Castlemilk, Glasgow, at 6.20pm on Friday and was captured on video by an onlooker.



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Two men are seen in a confrontation in the middle of the road near to a set of traffic lights. The man with the machete, wearing a grey jumper, edges towards the other, who is using a bottle as a weapon.



The man with the bottle, dressed in all white, flinches and throws the bottle off the ground, which smashes on the road, and runs away. The ‘swordman’ then chases him, before a police car is seen arriving. The man with the sword runs into a fenced-off park lane and is not seen again in the 36-second clip.



A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: ‘At around 6.20pm on Friday, June 1, police received a report of a man in Lainshaw Drive, Castlemilk with an offensive weapon. ‘Officers attended and conducted a search of the area resulting in a negative response. ‘There were no reports of any injuries or attacks. We can confirm the helicopter was used as part of the search. Inquiries are continuing.’



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