He’s surfing the desktop! Wakeboarder glides along surface of a lake balancing on a plastic table

This is the unbelievable moment a wakeboarder glides along the surface of a lake while balancing on an upside down table. The stuntman is seen standing on the flimsy desk while being towed by a motorboat.





He keeps the plastic table completely still as he rides the waves coming from the back of the boat with ease. He dips his knees and leans his body to either side to keep the makeshift board completely still as he performs his manoeuvres on the water.



What makes his stunt more impressive is that he has to contend with the table legs which point directly upwards and restrict his movement. The incredible footage was shot in White Bear Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada. Wakeboards are designed to be pointed at the tip to glide through the water and are kitted with fins to keep the board balanced on the choppy waters.



The activity is usually performed at at speeds of 18–25 mph and the sport has been recognised by the International Olympic Committee as an official partner since 1967. Wakeboarding has been part of the World Games since 2005 in the trend sports category.



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