Cyclist Filmed In Terrifying ‘Zombie-Killer’ Attack As Man Pulls Out Massive Knife In Road Rage Fight

Terrifying footage shows a cyclist pulling out a massive knife and thrashing it at a car window in the middle of rush hour traffic in south London.

The dashcam video shows the cyclist overtaking cars in London Road, Croydon, at about 5 pm yesterday. He stops as he approaches a blue VW Polo and looks inside the car, which then swerves out of the queue and hits an oncoming car.

Cyclist Attacks Car
The cyclist then attacks the car, smashing the passenger side window, the driver is forced to jump out and run for his life.

Scotland Yard confirmed no one was hurt and no arrests have been made so far, as officers launched an investigation to find the knifeman. Apparently, this just the latest of the long line of attacks in London.

Cyclist Uses Large Knife To Attack Car

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