Youtube User Arrested After Livestreaming Bomb Threat Hoax At University Of Washington

A YouTube lifestreamer who goes by “Arab Andy” online was arrested last night in Seattle after walking into a University of Washington classroom and playing a text-to-speech bomb threat.

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YouTube has since taken the livestream down for violating its terms of service. Mirror uploads are still available to watch on YouTube. “Arab Andy” can be seen walking into a classroom and playing audio of a text-to-speech donation from a viewer.

Students Evacuate

According to the University of Washington newspaper The Daily, the hall was evacuated and sealed off until the threat was resolved. University of Washington police said the suspect was later arrested on charges of making a bomb threat.

In Thursday’s livestream, the bomb threat recording was played after a viewer going by the alias “lebaneseandy” appeared to have donated $4.20.

Youtuber Arrested

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