FBI Agent’s Gun Accidentally Fires While Attempting To Do Backflip In Nightclub — End Up Shooting Someone

An off-duty FBI agent dancing at a Denver nightclub accidentally discharged a firearm, wounding another patron in the leg.

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The victim, an adult male, was taken to a local hospital in good condition, according to police spokesman Sonny Jackson.

The video shows the agent, whose identity wasn’t released, dancing at the downtown club around 12:45 a.m. Saturday when he attempted to do a backflip. His firearm falls from his pants and hits the ground, the agent scrambled to pick it up which resulted in ina gunshot going off.

FBI Agent Attempts Backflip

It’s unclear if the FBI agent was drinking and authorities are awaiting blood tests to determine if alcohol was a factor in the incident. Surveillance footage is also being reviewed.

Agent Picks Up Gun

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