Girl Drunk As F*ck Fails A Backflip On The Bar Counter

Now that’s gonna leave a mark! Girl’s coyote ugly bar dance attempt goes horribly wrong.



She does not look one of the finest dancers of the state; well even if she is still, she should not attempt a backflip. The situation clearly states she is intoxicated as f*ck, I mean just look at her, she is drunk on the bar counter entertaining the crowd.


Girl Drunk As Fvck Fails A Backflip On The Bar Counter


In the video, the woman can be seen standing on a bar while other watch her and take videos. As she attempts to do a backflip, her foot can be seen slipping. She tumbled to the floor and even hit a counter on her way down.


Girls Bar Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong


I hope that bad fail and fall have not done any major or permanent damage, else she would be drinking but never be dancing again in her life on a bar counter. And also, may this incident teach her a life lesson.

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