Kangaroo Farts And Wafts Away The Smell

Hilarious footage has emerged of a kangaroo with adorable manners.



The adopted kangaroo was sprung in the act farting, who then uses one of his paws to try to get rid of any smell so it does not offend his mate nearby.

The footage was filmed by Georgina Steytler, 45, who adopts orphaned kangaroos with her husband in Toodyay, 85 kilometres north-east of Perth in Western Australia.


The adopted grey kangaroos will be released back into the wild later this year


‘After noticing one of the grey kangaroos, named Possum, was quite gassy one evening she decided to film it,’ the video description states. ‘The hilarious clip shows Possum letting rip and seemingly using his one paw to waft the smell away.’

Ms Steytler can be heard in the background laughing at Possum’s funny antics.


The 15 second clip starring Possum (pictured) has already attracted several hundred views since it was uploaded to YouTube


Possum and his mate Peanut live in a custom built kangaroo enclosure.

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