Prepare for take-off! Tourist is blown to the ground by jet engine blast while filming dangerously close on a runway

A man stood filming planes take off on the Greek island of Skiathos got the shock of his life when the powerful thrust of an aircraft’s engines knocked him off his feet. Paul Turner from Cheshire is responsible for capturing the remarkable footage of a Thomas Cook passenger plane an Airbus A321-231 taking off at Skiathos Airport.



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As the plane accelerates along the runway, Turner’s camera suddenly pans skywards as he is sent flying by the sheer force of the carrier jet’s turbines. The spot Turner was filming is a hit among tourists for plane-watching as the runway backs on to a beach just an estimated 30ft from where aircrafts take off.



Most observers grab on to a bordering fence to prevent being blown over by the gust of the engines. ‘I have always wanted to stand in the jet stream of a passenger jet after seeing videos on Facebook of other people doing it at Skiathos Airport,’ Turner said. ‘This was one for my bucket list, now finally ticked off. I didn’t realize just how close you can actually get to the jets on the runway some 30ft or less on takeoff. ‘It has to be one of the closest standing points a member of the public can stand on takeoff and in glorious sunshine too on the beautiful island of Skiathos.’When the Jets land it’s just as impressive, you can literally feel the air move as they pass over you it’s an amazing experience.’



Ironically, Turner owns a camera stabilising company called Smoothshot. ‘I own a camera stabiliser business called Smoothshot . Even one of our Steadicams would be no match for the power of a civila aviation jet on take off. It literally knocked me off my feet. ‘I will remember to hold on to the barrier next time.’



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