Good Samaritan Finds Man Fast Asleep In Car And Decides To Wake Him Up — It Was A BAD Idea

One good fellow spotted a man fast asleep inside his car, with all the goodness in his heart he wakes the guy up only for it to all go terribly bad for him.

The video, aptly titled ‘Shouldn’t Have Woke Him Up,’ shows the man pulling up next a gray sedan with an old man sleeping on the wheel. He gets out of his vehicles and knocks on the driver’s side window of the sedan.

Man Wakes Sleeping Driver

The man immediately wakes up and in a sleepy daze pushes the gas pedal in his car. At first, the car slowly hits a road sign before it begins to go out of control.

After hitting the stop sign, the man continues on and ends up hitting and knocking down a lamppost which almost hits a nearby jogger!

Driver Hits Lamp

It is unknown if the sleeping driver was ok.

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