Shocking Video Shows Highway Patrol Officer Allegedly Groping Woman During Traffic Stop

Although it would be great if we lived in a world where sexual harassment and assault were largely a thing of the past, unfortunately, instances of sexual misconduct just keep cropping up.

In fact, just last August, a 29-year-old mother called Patricia Aileen Wilson accused a parol officer in Tennessee of groping her during a traffic stop. The footage, which was recorded on Trooper Lloyd’s dashcam, shows the patrol officer pulling over the alleged victim’s black pickup because she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

Officer Stops Woman

After the alleged assault, Wilson filed a lawsuit claiming that a State Highway Patrol Officer had searched her for no reason, then groped her before waiting three hours near her home to harass her again.

She sued 25-year-old Campbell County PD trooper Isaiah Lloyd for a total of $100,000. Wilson was, of course, intent on the Highway Patrol Trooper, Isaiah Lloyd, being held accountable for his sexual misconduct.

Patrol OFficer Allegedly Grops

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