Badass Crayfish Cuts Off Own Claw To Escape Being Boiled Alive In Bowl Of Soup

This is the remarkable moment a crayfish escaped certain death in a bowl of soup – by chopping off one of its claws.

A video posted on the Chinese social media site Weibo by a user named Jiuke, showed the small crustacean struggling out of a bowl of piping hot spicy soup. Jiuke had ordered a big serving of live crayfish at a Chinese hotpot restaurant. After throwing in the crayfish into the boiling spicy hotpot broth, Jiuke noticed that one of the creatures had crawled out of the bowl.

Crawfish Crawls Out Of Bowl

But the creature realized one of its claws was slowing its escape and without any hesitation used its other claw to slice it off and wriggle free.

So impressed was Jiuke of the crayfish that he decided to adopt the animal.

Crawfish Cuts Own Claw To Escape

That crawfish deserves to live.

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