White Woman Calls Black Family ‘Black B**ches’ And The N-Word At Hotel Pool

A black physician has shared a video of the shocking moment she was called a ‘n*****’ by a white woman at an upscale Orlando, Florida resort.

Dr. Covey Banks wrote on Facebook about how she was verbally assaulted by a white family at the Omni Orlando Resort, simply for suggesting they not let their kids pee in the pool.

In the video, the unidentified white woman could be heard calling Banks and her family “black bitches” and other slurs. A woman behind the camera, presumably Banks, can be heard calling out a man on his family’s behavior.

“I paid just like you. You don’t call me out my name. I didn’t call you anything! You were being rude. Your wife. Your family. Period,” the woman behind the camera blasted.

Woman Called Them More Bad Stuff

At that point, the white woman in question could be seen rounding the corner and screaming to her man, “Leave the nigger alone.”

The woman behind the camera brushes it off: “That just shows your ignorance. That name doesn’t bother me.”

“Leave the black nigger alone,” the woman repeats.

“Bye!” the family behind the camera dismisses the troglodytes.

Woman Class Family N Word

At one point the white woman appears to flick Banks’ phone and also appears to push someone on the other side of Banks.

The video ends with the couple walking away.

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