De-fly-ing gravity: Man jumps into lake just in time to rescue drone

A man was forced to run into a lake to save his drone after the battery suddenly died when he was flying it over the picturesque surroundings. The footage starts as Storking is seen dropping the controls of the device and running across a footbridge with another man.





The two jump over a barrier where Storking stops briefly to empty his pockets, dropping the items on the ground before charging into the lake. The drone continues to make a slow descent as Storking frantically swims towards the falling gadget. He catches the drone just as it comes within seconds of dropping into the water and then carrying it above his head, he staggers out of the water.



The minute-long video was posted online with many social media users commending him for sacrificing his clothes for the expensive contraption. Some users questioned how the drone was so conveniently pointed towards him when he was rescuing it. One said: ‘He is pretty center of frame for most of this video- its a little suspicious.’ Another quipped: ‘That’s neither how a drone with a dead battery, nor gravity works.’



Although other users pointed out that the battery on some drones causes it to drop in the way it did. ‘This is how DJI drones descend when the battery is super low. Once the battery voltage is low enough, it will land and you can’t stop it,’ one pointed out.



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