Police find escaped convict hiding in bunker after three years on the run

This is the extraordinary moment police in Brazil prised open a concrete floor tile in a bedroom to find an escaped convict, who had been on the run for over three years, hiding in an underground bunker. Cops captured Jean Gomes Chiola in the early hours of Tuesday morning following an anonymous tip-off that the fugitive was holed up in the property in Macaíba, north east Brazil.





The bunker was around 10 miles from Alcaçuz State Penitentiary where he had been serving time for drug trafficking offences. The 39-year-old was arrested with his son, Jean Felipe, 20, in a joint raid between military and civil police who stormed the residence armed with a search warrant. Along with the astonishing discovery, agents seized a .38 calibre revolver and several wraps of drugs.



Officers used a crowbar to force open the heavy slab and were amazed to find the missing man hidden beneath. When the Chiola stood up from his crouched position, the hole was waist deep. In the footage, filmed by detectives, he is seen surrendering and ordered out of the grubby dugout which is littered with rubbish and a broken mobile phone.



Officers handcuff the man as they ask if there is a gun at the bottom of the hideout. He is dripping with sweat and squints in the light after coming out of his darkened cubby hole. Detective Feitosa admitted to FocusOn News, that they never expected to find the fugitive so easily.



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