Enraged Bathing Elephant Charges At Boat Full Of Tourists

Don’t annoy an elephant, especially one that’s having a relaxing dip. Tourists in Botswana discovered this the hard way when an elephant charged – and hit – their boat while they were cruising down the Chobe River.

Radio and TV presenter at GROOTfm 90.5 and Die Groot ontbyt Su-An Marais decided to record the scene elephant as the tour boat approached.

What could go wrong? I mean, even a fully grown elephant can’t swim that fast in deep water, right?

Elephant Charges At Tourists

A woman can be heard saying “Hello liefie (lovey)!”. Not liking that at all, the beast charged. Amazingly, one of the passengers was already recording and captured the terrifying moment.

Boat Quickly Moves Away From The Beast

Fortunately, the elephant didn’t tip the boat, which quickly moved away from the agitated beast.

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