Yep, He Goin’ To Jail: Buddy Slams Cop Right On His Head!

I’m not sure what going on his mind, but he sure looked confident with what he did, didn’t even run away after assaulting a cop.



In the video, a shirtless guy can be seen trying to lift a police officer. Cop tries to struggle, but the guy managed to lift him to his shoulders. He immediately slammed the cop to the ground, head first.

A voice can be heard yelling at the shirtless dude, warning him not to do it, but of course he didn’t listen.


Buddy Slams Cop Right On His Head!


After slamming the cop, shirtless dude walks away, but doesn’t seem to have plans to run away. Once the cop was on his feet, he retrieved something from the car and ordered him to get down. He had no choice but to follow since the cop was holding a taser gun.


ordered him to get down


Props to the cop for his restraint and professionalism. That man was lucky he didn’t get shot.

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