Scooter Rider Finds Out Why It’s Such A Good Idea To Wear A Helmet When He Gets Run Over By A Truck!

There are a few things to learn here. The obvious being that you should always wear a helmet. The other being that you should maintain a safe distance from a vehicle that can crush your bones like toothpicks.

This video is prime example of why you should always be wearing a helmet when you are driving a motorcycle. The shortclip, shot in the Philippines, shows a busy road with a motorcycle rider trying to overtake a truck. He tried to pass the left set of the truck while being dengerously close to the sidewalk.

He ends up lossing his balance, placing his head right on the bath of the truck’s two big tires.

Riders Head Gets Crushed

The truck ends up crushing his head, but luckily for him, his helemt managed to take all it’s force. The man’s helmet can be seen crushed like a pancake afte he gets up, clearly shaken by the incident.

Rider Gets Up Shaken

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