Dude Kayaks Into A Tree Full Of Spiders And His Reaction Is Expected

Kayaking is one of the sprots and/or hobbies that either make you relax or fight for your life. And I’m not referring to rough waters, I’m talking about rouge, spider-filled trees.

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The video starts off with the dude having a relaxing Kayak journey it what appears to be a river. He decided to get some reast under the shade of nearby trees but ended up getting a lot more than what he bargained for.

Kayaking Into Spiders

Shouting, “ok…OK!!” the guy found himseld in the direct path of a tree filled with spiders. As he tries to get away, he ends up swatting the tree with his paddle and springkling the spiders all over him.

The girlish scream at the end sums up the whole video.

Guy Freaks Out

I would set the entire forest on fire.

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