Supermarket floor COLLAPSES seconds after customers walk over it

Shocking footage shows a supermarket floor collapse seconds after customers walk over it. The astonishing incident was captured on CCTV at the Pyatyorochka supermarket in the city of Kazan in western Russia just after 9pm on April 6.





Shoppers can be seen walking over the floor seconds before it suddenly caves in. One woman wearing a pink dress and carrying a black handbag is inches away from being crushed. As the floor disintegrates, shelves and a large refrigerator can be seen tumbling into the shallow crater.



A plume of grey dust wafts into the air as the surface turns to rubble. Three customers, one pushing a trolley, can be seen walking out of shot just before the shocking collapse.



A woman walking down an aisle nearby disappears into the dust but thankfully re-emerges, rushing in the same direction as the other shoppers. It clear whether anyone was injured in the dramatic incident.



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