Cheeky Seagull Storms Into Man’s House And Steals Cat’s Food

A cat-owner captured hilarious footage of an over-familiar seagull that strolls into his house and scoffs his pet’s food. The footage shows Martin Farrington, 32, in the garden with his two cats when a seagull walks into his house and starts eating the cat food in their bowl on the floor.





Martin had been filming the scene from his back garden in Blackpool as his door was ajar, rightly assuming that the brazen bird would saunter in. Martin claims that this isn’t the first time the seagull has stolen from his pets in fact, the audacious bird has been dropping in on the family for five years.



Martin, a business owner, said: ‘Living 50 yards from the beach our chimney has been an annual nesting site for this family of sea birds.



‘Each spring we begin to hear the tiny chatters of the young and then, each summer, the parents swoop down and steal my cat’s food as soon as the back door is opened.



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