Amazon delivery driver follows instruction on a doormat to hide packages from husband

This is the amusing moment a conscientious delivery driver carefully tucked an Amazon parcel out of sight after reading a doormat saying ‘please hide packages from my husband’. The loyal courier was spotted on surveillance video walking up to Vanessa O’Shea’s front door in Arizona before coming to a halt after reading the sign.





He then turns around and roots around to find a ‘hiding spot’ for the package, which was tucked behind a chair on the front porch. O’Shea shared footage of the moment of Facebook on June 4 with the caption: ‘Shoutout to #amazon for always being loyal and hiding my packages!’



Sadly though, her plan did not entirely work out, as her husband, Kenny, realized the package was being delivered anyway after getting a notification on his phone that someone was making a delivery.



‘My husband actually got the ring doorbell notification that someone was at the front door,’ O’Shea told News4Jax. ‘We were at dinner and we’re both cracking up. He gets an A for effort.’ O’Shea now wants to try and track down the deliveryman, who she described as a ‘star’.



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