Motorcyclist speeding over 100MPH loses control of his bike and falls off a cliff

A reckless motorcyclist was captured on dashcam darting through traffic before he took a horrific plunge off a mountain. In a worrisome viral video released this week, the unidentified man is seen revving his engine as he swerves in between moving vehicles at a high speed.





The rider on the risky joyride didn’t bother to slow up, even when he reached several road curves. The man’s speedometer, at one point, reads 109mph as he cruises around the highway without concern for his safety or other motorists around him. Before long, the rider inches closer to moving cars again before he speeds past them and the drivers slow up to prevent an accident.



Before the man passes a final SUV, he accidentally cuts too close to the edge of the road and loses control of his bike. The motorcyclist then tumbles off the bike before suffering several hits to the head on his way down a steep cliff.



He luckily made it out of the ride without any life-threatening injuries. At the end of the video, the rider captures his bike on video which also made it out of the venture in one piece.



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