Woman Runs For Her Life After Man Randomly Yells ‘SHARK!!!’ At Her

We’ve seen a lot of pranks through the years, some are hilarious and others are down-right offensive. Original pranks that are hilarious are rare gems, and this guy managed to figure one out.

The video starts off with a woman walking to her car in an emtpy parking lot, at the distance, the man film her and yells, “SHARK!!!” — And any other human being would disregard the random scream, but this woman actually thought a shark was going to attack her… in a middle of a parking lot.

Woman Walks To Her Car

So she runs away from her car, as you do… before she realizest that sharks are home to the water and not in fact, able to access parking lots.

Yelling Shark At Random Lady

But honestly, I would’ve ran away. We can never be too safe.

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