Orangutan Confronts Bulldozer Destroying Its Indonesian Forest Home

This orangutan tried to fight off a bulldozer near his home. In an attempt to save a tree from the steal grasp of the machine, the animal flung itself at it — and narrowly swung to safety as its claw came down.

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The footage, which was shot in 2013, was released by International Animal Rescue on Tuesday in order to raise awareness about the impact on deforestation orangutan habitat.

As loggers smash the base of a tree in the Ketapang District, West Borneo, heart-breaking video from International Animal Rescue (IAR) shows one of the great apes perched in the tree’s canopy as it falls to the floor.

Orangutan Tries To Fight Bulldozer

As two members of IAR’s Orangutan Protection Unit try to dart and carry the animal to safety, the dismayed ape reaches out and momentarily grabs on to the maleficent machine causing it to pull away.

More than 100,000 Bornean orangutans were killed from 1999-2016 — logging hunting and land clearing have made them an endangered species.

Workers Try To Dart The Orangtan

This makes me sad.

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