Dad Of The Year Joins Daughter In Ballet Concert After She Gets Cold Feet

To get you through until 6 p.m., here’s an extremely heart-warming video courtesy of an awesome father of three who jumped up on stage to encourage his nervous 2-year-old daughter to dance through her ballet recital.

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During an In Motion School of Dance recital in Bermuda, superdad Marc Daniels’ daughter Bella caught a bit of stage fright during her first-ever performance. In a video shared by the school, you can see the rest of Bella’s dance class doing their pliés while Bella stood as still as a rock and started to cry.

The sweet moment, which was caught on camera, showed Marc Daniels dancing alongside his daughter Bella during a dress rehearsal for her first-ever dance recital at Hamilton City Hall in Bermuda.

Daughter Gets Cold Feet

Clutching another baby, Suri, to his chest, Daniels held two-year-old Bella’s hand as he expertly twirled alongside her – pirouetting and curtseying as the crowd looked on.

Dad Joins Daughter In Ballet

Dad of the year goes to him.

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