Incredible Moment Latvian Fireman Leans Out Of Window To Save Man Falling From Roof

This is the incredible moment a Latvian fireman managed to catch a man plunging on the outside of the building. The remarkable footage was shared by the country’s fire service and shows the burly fireman supported by a colleague leaning out of a flat window and looking upwards towards a falling man.

Realizing the person would likely fall down should the rescuers enter their apartment, the rescuers turned to the neighbors one story below. They let the rescuers inside, and one fireman sat by an open window with arms reaching out, preparing to catch the person should they fall, while the other fireman kept the rescuer steady.

Firefighter Leans Out Of Window

As rescuers outside tried to approach the person hanging on the ledge of the apartment above, the person’s hands slipped and they fell. The rescuer expecting the fall below, showing incredible dexterity, managed to catch the person and usher them back to safety, thus likely saving a life.

Firefighter Catches Man

Thank that firefighter’s spine for its service.

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