Fed-up Shopkeeper Slams ‘spice Zombies’ As He Films Man Writhing Around On Bench In Disturbing Footage

A man accused of being high on the so-called zombie drug Spice has been filmed writhing around on a bench in a city centre. Although it is not known if the man has taken drugs, a fed-up shopkeeper said he believed he was either drunk or high on Spice.

The shopkeeper said he wants the footage to “go viral” so more is done to tackle the issue of “smack heads and zombies”.

While it is not known if the man in the video is on drugs or intoxicated in any way, the shop owner believes drugs had caused him to roll around on the bench, shouting abusive language incoherently.

Man High On Spice

The man can be seen lying on the bench apparently high off his head, he was shouting, swearing and doing everything. A crowd gathers as the man continues on in his drug-filled daze. Speaking about other shocking things the shop keeper has seen, he described how he saw one man snort white powder from a bench.

Man Flailing Wildly

Zombie apocalypse is upon us.

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