Terrifying Moment Schoolgirl Fights Off Two Knifemen As Boy, 16, Lay Bleeding In Streatham

Schoolgirls brawled in the street with two knife-wielding teens as their friend lay bleeding from a stab wound to his torso. Yards away friends and witnesses tried desperately to staunch the bleeding as the 16-year-old boy lay spread-eagled on the pavement in his school uniform.

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The schoolgirl can be seen fighting off one of the men, who appears to be holding a knife in his hand, while another person runs over to help from another part of the fight. We can’t let the far-right hijack real concerns and use them to fuel hate A man in a blue shirt, also carrying a knife, manages to break the fight before approaching the girl.

School Girls Fight Off Knife Man

The man then pushes the other man inside a nearby flat as two school girls rush over to confront him. He then emerges and sits on the side of a wall, tapping a huge knife against the wall. Meanwhile, two people try to save the injured boy, who was said to be in school uniform, as the person filming calls 999.

Police said the boy was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries and remains in critical condition. Two older teenagers were arrested and a gun was found at the scene. A third suspect, aged 58, has since been arrested and all three remain in custody.

Boy Lies On Ground Bleeding

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