Australian Tourists Gets Stabbed In Nightclub After Groping Woman’s Butt

An Australian tourist was stabbed after he was caught groping a woman in a nightclub in Thailand. Jaydon Sienkiewicz was taken to a nearby hospital, where he is being treated for his wound. Police are still searching for the attacker.

Video footage has emerged of the moment an Aussie tourist was stabbed in the chest after groping a woman on the dancefloor of a popular Thailand nightclub. CCTV shows a drunk Jaydon Sienkiewicz, 21, leaning over and pinching the woman’s bottom.

Tourist Grops Womans Butt

A man, believed to be the woman’s boyfriend is seen furiously pushing her out of the way and up against a wall before lunging towards Mr Sienkiewicz and stabbing him. While clubbers hold back the stabber, the tourist is seen walking away holding his chest before stumbling back to his table where his horrified dad found him covered in blood.

Tourist Gets Stabbed

Jaydon was rushed to a hospital and currently being treated for his wounds.

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