This Little Monkey Just Smoked A Ton Of Weed And Got Extremely High

Primapes and humans have more things in common than you can think of, apart from us sharing a common ancestor, there have been many cases where apes behave the same way humans do. Take for example this little monkey who just found out the wonder of weed.

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The video shows the little moneky, wearing a diaper, taking a big hit from a bong. What’s even more amazing is that this little thing appears to be quite experienced with the MJ!

Monkey Smoking Weed

The next clip show him getting the munchies, eating what appears to be a banana with blood-shot eyes.

Monkey Munchies

And it all ends with the monkey, now wearing a small hockey jersey, crashing into the coach as a human hand attempts to give him another joint to smoke. But he’s just so gone…

Monkey Is Gone

There are definelty multiple laws being broken here.

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