Florida Auto Theft Suspect Arrested, Takes Pet Capuchin Monkey With Him

Body camera footage shows auto theft suspect Cody Blake Hession emerging from the back of a sheriff’s vehicle with Monk, his pet Capuchin monkey, on his shoulder.

A Florida auto theft suspect was taken into custody with an unusual companion: his pet monkey.

Body camera footage showed Hession stepping out of the back of a sheriff’s patrol vehicle with Monk, his pet Capuchin monkey. Monk, wearing a leash and a diaper, clung to Hession’s shirt as officers spoke to him. The sheriff’s department said Monk was taken to the nearby Suncoast Primate Sanctuary because Hession did not yet have a permit for the monkey, which could potentially warrant additional charges.

Man Arrested With Capuchin Monkey

Responding officers gave Hession the opportunity to say his goodbyes to Monk before the monkey was loaded into an animal carrier. He can be heard telling officers that he’s had Monk for three years since the monkey was three days old. He said he got the animal from a breeder in South Carolina and told officers that there was no licensing or permitting required in that state.

Man Requested To Say Last Goodbye To Monkey

He’s a bad role model for the monkey.

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