‘I Probably Got A Little Too Close And Deserved It’ — Man Gets Beaten Up By Goose In Highway

A man was attacked by a goose as he stopped to help a couple of geese and their goslings cross the road. It happened in Sherwood Park, east of Edmonton, and the ordeal was caught on video.

A Sherwood Park man who was attacked by a goose while helping a gaggle of geese cross the road earlier this week admits he got a bit too close but said he would do it again because it’s the “typical Canadian thing to do.” Derbyshire was driving home from golf on Tuesday afternoon when he came across two geese and their goslings attempting to cross Broadmoor Boulevard.

Man Attacked By Goose

One gosling appeared to be struggling to get up on the median, so he decided to get out of his vehicle to give it a little boost. That’s when one of the birds’ parental instinct kicked in and he was attacked.

Derbyshire said he’s an animal lover and didn’t want to see anything bad happen to the birds. He said he deserved what he got, and admitted he wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

He Said He Deserved It

We all need to know… did the little gosling make it or not???

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