Jogger Caught Throwing Homeless Man’s Belongings In Lake Arrested

A man who was caught on camera destroying a homeless man’s possessions has been arrested for robbery in California.

In the video, you can hear a bystander plead with Mr. Sintay to stop destroying the lakeside encampment where Mr. Markson had set up his camp. Mr. Harris also asked “What are you doing with this stuff, man?” and then Mr. Sintay and the bystander entered into a heated exchange.

“I’m not taking any of it, he [the homeless man] can pick it up,” Mr. Sintay said, adding that he was cleaning up the area but never gave a reason why that meant trashing Mr. Markson’s possessions.

Jogger Throws Homeless Man Belongings

Henry Sintay, who was filmed last Friday dumping a local homeless man’s possessions in the garage and into a lake, was charged in criminal court on Wednesday. The case was filed after the 30-year-old was captured in another video returning to the park on Saturday and arguing with a group of people before he allegedly grabbed the phone of someone filming him and ran off.

Clothes Thrown Into Lake

Jail is what this guy deserves.

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