Dad Puts Woman Into Choke Hold After Threatening His Little Girl

A brawl broke out at a restaurant in Eatonville, Florida, after “racist remarks” reportedly were exchanged between customers waiting in line. Punches were thrown between a father-daughter duo and two female friends.

Hold on to your chicken wings! A massive brawl has been caught on camera at a Florida restaurant. The fight all began when four customers got into a verbal dispute while waiting in line.

Two black women can be seen apparently threatening a man’s daughter. The man warns them they are going to get arrested and to back off his little girl, the next thing he knew, punches were thrown left and right.

Fight Breaks Out

One of the girls pushed her daughter into a beverage dispenser, so he retaliates by putting the woman in a chokehold.

Police were called but no arrests were made.
Dad Puts Woman In Chokehold

He did the right thing protecting his loved ones.

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