Poodle Being Kicked and Forced to Walk on Hind Legs Goes Viral in Shocking Video

A video clip from Malaysia showing a couple of pet owners abuse training their poodle to walk on hind legs on the street and into an H&M store is now going viral online.

Footage of a man in Malaysia seemingly kicking a dog to get it to walk upright has sparked accusations of animal abuse. The video was taken in a shopping mall, where other shoppers seem unaware of the violent behavior.
The clip – posted online by Facebook user Deepan Kumar – was taken on June 9 at around 8 p.m. on Sunway Pyramid in Subang Jaya.

Man Kicks Poodle

It started off with the couple, a man and a woman, walking up the street with their pet dog. Then, moments later, the man started kicking the dog as it tries really hard to keep its balance while walking on hind legs.

The woman can also be seen carrying a cane of some sort. It is believed that this stick is being used to discipline and train the dog.

The Abuse Was Unnoticed

That’s just horrible.

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