Guys Lower A Boulder Into A Pickup Truck, Absolutely Destroy Its Suspension

To be fair, they lowered it very gently — the truck just wasn’t up to the task. Not even close.


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I know that the specs listed about trucks are just long columns of boring numbers, but those numbers actually do have some meaning in the messy real world. The amount of weight you can comfortably place in the bed of the truck, the payload, that’s one of those numbers. Even though neither that boulder or that Ranger can read or understand numbers, together they do a remarkably good job of demonstrating why they’re important.




This is a video of a boulder being loaded into the rear of an old Ford Ranger and absolutely wrecking the truck’s rear suspension. The sound it makes — that is the sound of a truck shitting the bed.




Obviously, this video is a great opportunity for a competitor like Dodge to make a commercial advertising how much more tough and rugged their suspension is and how much bigger and sexier their super manly trucks will make your dingdong.

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