Dog Learns The Hard Way That You Shouldn’t Mess With A Badger

As zoo employees whirled around the badger, trying to corral it, the escaped creature refused to let a dog get away with a bite at its backside.



This dog was watching a zoo employee lure an escaped badger back to their cage when it decided to jump in and help. Unfortunately, after leaping forward and biting the badger’s tail, the badger turned around and began chasing.




Video starts with a person luring a badger out from under a house. Using meat attached on a string, plan seems to be working well. Woman holding the meat runs, the badger follows the meat. Then this dog came into the scene and attacked the badger from behind.




Badger didn’t like it too well and decided to chase after the dog instead. Dog didn’t put up a fight and just runs away from the badger.

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