Windstorm Quickly Turns Into A Real Sh*tstorm As Porta-Potty Takes Flight

Porta-potty gets swept into the air and rains down piss and sh!t all over the place.



Here’s something you don’t see every day! This unfortunate situation is going viral on social media.

The wind at a park was so strong it sent porta potties flying into the air! You see the winds start to pick up dust, then the porta potties hit a van and one flies straight up into the air.




Towards the end of the video, you even see a woman trying to avoid the flying toilets as another takes off from the ground.

Fierce winds were so strong, they picked up two portable toilers and threw them into the air. One of them soared several stories high.




Thankfully, no one was using either of those porta potties when they went airborne.

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