Woman Gets Caught In The Act Of Stealing Packages Off Someones Porch!

Neighbors caught a porch pirate trying to steal packages and went an extra mile to stop her.



A woman who was apparently stealing packages from someone’s porch was caught red-handed by good samaritans who then chased the would-be thief down the street.




A couple notices a woman taking packages that don’t belong to her off of a porch. After the video camera starts rolling, they confront her and follow her all the way to an apartment building where she goes inside.

That’s one way of stopping a porch pirate from stealing packages! The couple who pursued the thief is awesome. Lots of people would’ve given up before that.




Also, that could have been dangerous. This woman very easily could have led them to an ambush zone if she had gang connections. You just never know. Always better to keep your distance, take note of everything you can about where she’s heading and let the police do the work.

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