Florida Rollercoaster Derails Plunging Two People 34ft As Other Riders Left Dangling From Car Above Daytona Beach Boardwalk

A roller coaster derailed plunging two people 34ft as several riders were left dangling from the ride above Daytona Beach boardwalk in Florida. Firefighters say 10 people were rescued with six of those rushed to hospital suffering from unknown injuries.

Video footage posted online also shows a woman crawling along the tracks assisted by fire crews. Emergency services rushed to the scene just after 8.30pm local time after the rollercoaster reportedly malfunctioned.

Roller Coaster Plunges

Pictures show one of the ride’s cars suspended in the air as crews attempt to free those trapped inside.

There were four people in the front car – two of which fell approximately 34ft to the ground. The other two were rescued by firefighters while the remaining six riders were rescued using the crew’s truck

Rescuers Rush To The Scene

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